more Klingholz

Ever since I can remember my parents have always played and listened to jazz music at our family home just outside Munich. This had a strong influence on me and music became an important part of my life.
At 15 I started playing tenor saxophone and dedicated all my spare time to practising and exploring the origins and culture of Jazz.
As soon as I had finished school I started studying music at the Freies Musikzentrum in Munich and was obsessed with everything Jazz related, went to every gig and eventually even managed to meet Miles Davis.
Until 1994 I played in several formations while the band Peek-A-Boo was at the centre of my musical activities. By this time I had also discovered architecture and developed growing interest for buildings, places and cities while travelling for several months. Following this I began studying architecture which meant that my time for practising started to diminish and in 1996 I had to stop playing all together in order to be able to concentrate fully on my studies.
In early 2009 the members of Peek-A-Boo decided to get back together for a reunion session in June. It was a fantastic experience and prompted me to start playing again, as far as other commitments would allow me. After this twelve year break, playing Jazz, to me means enjoyment rather then an aim for perfection and I'm looking forward to many more gigs.

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Tom Klingholz - sax
Colin Balogh - guitar
Peter Hops - bass
Martin Woron - drums